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Dzus Fasteners/Quick Release

Dzus Fasteners/1/4 turn Quick Release

Quick Release 1/4 turn Fasteners supplied individually, in packs of 10, or in sets complete with Backing Plates.
Head styles available: Allen Key Drive or D-Ring-handle.
Fastener diameter = 6mm.
The receptacles/backing clips are available in either slip-on, requiring minimal preparation, or rivet-on.
Retention of the stud is achieved with either a plastic or steel retainer/washer. Both are included.

To calculate the length of stud required, add together the thicknesses of the panels being fastened, and add 7mm for the receptacle. Round up or down to the nearest mm to obtain the length required.

Length of the stud is measured from under the head to the tip of the Dzus stud.